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A New Novel is Coming this Summer!

Taking place in "The Silver Liner" universe, this novel begins a century after the events of "The Silver Liner Series." The manuscript has gone in for the first round of editing! Stay Tuned!

"The Silver Liner: Final Flight" is my 2019 NaNoWriMo project!

I have finished the 2019 National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and have won again. This year, it was the first draft of the final installment of "The Silver Liner" series, "The Silver Liner: Final Flight."

This final installment of the Silver Liner Series consists of four short stories. All loose ends are tied up, and the final fate of Kendrick, Fiona, and the great Silver Liner is revealed! 

Look for this final installment of the Silver Liner Series in 2021!

"The Silver Liner: Sails to the Edge!" is available!

The penultimate installment in the Silver Liner Series is available now! The story of Kendrick and FIona and the great Silver Liner is revealed... or is it?

Author Appearances in 2019:

Cecil Con 2019:

Daniel Sullivan will be appearing at Cecil Con! The author will be available to answer questions and sign books. He will have stock of his Silver Liner Series available for purchase. 

Cecil Con is on April 12th and 13th!

Shore Leave 2019:

Daniel Sullivan will be appearing at Shore Leave! The author will be available to answer questions and sign books. He will have stock of his Silver Liner Series available for purchase.

Shore Leave is on July 12th - 14th!


Aside from writing, I also draw, paint, photograph, and cosplay. See my  work on Deviantart!

The Silver Liner: Sails to the Edge!

The Silver Liner had finally touched down on Ceres, her epic voyage the greatest leap in human history!


Basking in this triumphal moment, the crew of the Selene was certain that their troubles were behind them, and that at last, they could get down to the business at hand: establishment of an outpost and exploration of the dwarf planet.

But the divisions sown while still in orbit were deep and threatened to deepen further in the aftermath of the attempted hijacking. The crew was sharply divided over the no longer human Fiona, and the course of action chosen by Captain Giffords would push Kendrick and his bride to the breaking point. The unseen hand of NessCorp moved behind the scenes, heightening the tensions further. Could the Royces remain with Starfleet, or would the strain of the mission prove too much?

The challenges of Ceres still awaited them, challenges that would soon prove to be far deadlier than Kendrick, Fiona, and the crew of the Silver Liner could have ever imagined!

The Silver Liner: Under Siege!

Heading to Ceres on Starfleet’s errand, the Selene and her crew have undertaken the grandest scientific exploration endeavor in human history. Never has humankind been so far away from home, and never have the stakes been so high. Humanity’s very future is riding on the outcome of this mission—but political machinations have a way of making themselves felt hundreds of millions of kilometers from Earth. There are those who have a vested interest in the mission’s failure, and their unseen hands were in motion before Selene’s takeoff.

Kendrick and Fiona have never faced so great a threat, and with the forces arrayed against them, failure is virtually guaranteed. With the Selene under siege, it will take a miracle for them to beat the odds this time.

The Silver Liner: The Voyage Home

After over two years of running, Captain Royce and the crew of the Selene are finally going home—under the protection of the very man who had engineered their capture: Colonel Siegfried Tracht. Royce and his crew had gone from being wanted fugitives to being the heroes of the hour! The most ambitious exploration mission in human history was about to begin, with Ken Royce at the helm of his magnificent ship … but enemies yet remained, all determined to capture or kill them.

This time, Selene’s captain and crew had new allies—Colonel Tracht, a revitalized Heather, Captain Giffords, Commander Jax, and even the president of the United States! Would they be enough, or would the forces arrayed against them prove too much?

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The Silver Liner: No Safe Harbor

Captain Royce has won the day, the loyalty of his crew, and the love of Doctor Kinsale. But all is not well! 

After an explosive shootout on Venus, Captain Ken Royce and his ragtag crew are wanted by the Alliance and the United States. With two governments, a tech firm, a crime lord, and a bounty hunter on their trails, the S.S. Selene has nowhere to go. A free port on Mars is their only hope, but it soon becomes clear that the mystery of Lena is far from solved, and that Royce himself holds the key to the solar system—only he has no idea why! 

With all of his aces played, and their enemies closing in, will Royce’s instincts and the Selene’s fantastic speed be enough to outrun their fate?

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The Silver Liner: Takes Flight!

Dashing Captain Ken Royce learned to trust his instincts and feelings long ago. As captain of Selene—the undisputed fastest space liner in the system—Royce does not have a care in the galaxy, until he takes on a crew of misfits that includes an Irish priest with a dark past, a fugitive doctor classified as an interplanetary terrorist, a young engineer without a future, and a mall cop seeking adventure.

After Royce and his renegade crew discover a dead android woman floating in space who looks exactly like Royce’s late wife when she was younger, they are soon pursued by government operatives, corporate agents, a shadowy bounty hunter, a powerful mob boss, and a sociopath captain in command of the most advanced stealth warship in space. As the clock ticks away, their followers close in. Unfortunately, Royce has used all his aces. With their lives in jeopardy, Royce must once again trust his instincts if they are all going to survive.

In this science fiction adventure, a space captain and his motley crew must risk everything to solve the mystery of a beautiful android and outrun their determined pursuers.

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Sword & Sorcery

2018 National Novel Writing Month Winner, "The Goddess' Eyes" is complete! 

The Witch Queen of Avendon has been completed, and was a 2015 National Novel Writing Month winner! Editing the draft at present!