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The Firing of Gina Carano

Posted by danielsullivan67@aol.com on February 14, 2021 at 4:15 PM Comments comments ()

Like many of you, my wife and I have been watching “The Mandalorian” on Disney Plus. The character of Cara Dune was a favorite of ours, and it was unfortunate that due to the Actress’ exercise of her Twitter account, that character is unlikely to return.

Apart from reboots, recasting does not seem to happen any longer. I would like to see Cara Dune continue as a presence in the Star Wars universe, but outside of maybe comic books or novels, it seems unlikely.

The worst part is that this was completely avoidable.

Gina Carano had an ‘I dare you to fire me’ attitude about the pressure mounting on Disney remove her from “The Mandalorian” cast, seeming to double down on her unfortunate Twitter content with each calling on the carpet. Each time pressure mounted, she parroted the same tired line that others who have lost shows or roles for similar social media behavior have used: “They’re censoring conservatives.”

Of course, her comparison of being critiqued on social media for sharing false and debunked theories to the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany was the final straw, and so, a beloved character has exited the series.

The sad part is that she was so perfect for the role. Gina looked the part, and as a top-level professional fighter, has the physicality that the role demanded. And she can act!

While I strongly disagree with her political stances, I was not among those pulling for her ouster. Yes, I am sad to see her go.

Having said that, I feel no sympathy for her.

This is 2021. Countless public figures and indeed, ordinary folk, have seen their careers flushed down the toilet over their behavior on social media. She had to have somebody telling her to knock it off, and even if she didn’t, a celebrity has no excuse for not understanding how their social media conduct can backfire.

This is a clear case of the actress proverbially shooting herself in the foot with a proverbial shotgun. Yes, this is a self-inflicted wound, not some cancel culture about conservatives.

Perhaps she should

Somehow, John Schneider, a conservative actor best known for playing Bo Duke, driver of an orange 1969 Dodge Charger named "General Lee", with a giant Confederate battle flag on the roof, manages to not alienate people, and maintains an air of class.

I have no doubt that Supergirl fans would have welcomed him had he appeared on that very liberal and feminist show.

Clearly, Carano's conservative views are not the problem.

I have nothing against Carano, and I do wish her well. At the same time, I have no sympathy for celebrities who cry foul when their misuse of social media bites them in the proverbial behind.


About the Coup Attempt ...

Posted by danielsullivan67@aol.com on January 14, 2021 at 8:55 PM Comments comments ()

Some takeaways from last week's coup attempt by a defeated president:

-Donald Trump lost.

-The election wasn't rigged.

-Four years of unrelenting lies, airing grievances, and agitation of the basest elements of our society and then turning them loose to siege the Capital when the rightful winner's victory is being confirmed is a premeditated coup attempt.

-Somehow, a mob of armed white Christian men charging the police did no trigger their "fear for my life" reflex.

-The presence of so many Confederate battle flags pretty much confirms the negative things people say about it and what it represents.

-Private companies banning you from their platform for violating their terms of service is neither Orwellian nor an infringement on your first amendment rights.

-And yes, there was plenty of warning that this would be happening.

That's all for now.

Reboot to Factory Settings

Posted by danielsullivan67@aol.com on December 20, 2020 at 11:45 AM Comments comments ()

’Tis the end of 2020, and as we prepare to open a new chapter, I am prompted to look back on the last chapter as it comes to its close. 2020 was a turbulent year, dominated by two things: a global pandemic and an election. The two together were inescapable—if you weren’t hearing about the one, you heard about the other, and often, if you heard about the one, you heard about the other simultaneously, as the outgoing administration’s response to the Novel Corona Virus/Covid 19 was as newsworthy as the pandemic itself and played a huge part in the 2020 election.

Unemployment, business failure, and a fundamental change to the way we socialize were all on display this past year. Some hit home for me—my older son works for a sound and lighting company, and so is unemployed, as the events that sound and lighting companies need to operate were all canceled. Of course, my vendor table at Shoreleave 2020 was canceled as well. As you may also know, I teach kendo, the art of Japanese fencing, and longsword classes. These classes came to a screeching halt due to the pandemic, and just when I was thinking about starting classes again on a limited basis, the virus surged.

Somewhere during all of the insanity of the year, four major things happened. I returned to the Harley Davidson dealer to work in their service department, I published my sixth novel—Better the Millstone—through Wolf Paw Publications, my oldest son and his wife welcomed a daughter into the world, making me a grandfather, and I married Lynda.

Needless to say, 2020 was a year of firsts for me. My first time being a grandfather. My first time living outside of Montgomery County. My first time as a spouse in a blended family. My first published novel that was not in the Silver Liner Series … and the first time since 2013 that I did not win National Novel Writing Month (I only got to the sixteen-thousand-word mark).

With everything going on in my life, many people seemed surprised that I was even trying to win NaNoWriMo, but writing projects have their own inertia. So, while I may have slowed my output, my projects have indeed continued.

An author’s writing projects are generally what interest their newsletter readers most, so without further ado, let’s talk about the fun stuff!


The Silver Liner Series

The gateway into the near-future science fiction world I’ve created, the Silver Liner Series is my first, and now numbers five books, set to conclude in the sixth and final book (See below). Follow the adventures of Captain Royce and Doctor Fiona Kinsale aboard the great silver liner, the S.S. Selene as they galivant about the inner Sol System, dodging government agents, crime bosses, and a maniacal Starfleet captain! Available in paperback and e-book!

Start your voyage here:



Better the Millstone

In spite of a global pandemic, a job change, and preparing for a wedding, along with everything else going on, I was able to publish my first non-Silver Liner book, “Better the Millstone”. This book takes place roughly a hundred and fifty years after the events of the Silver Liner series and introduces space trucking Captain Shane Tyrone of the SMV Gypsy Rose. Join him on his first epic misadventure!



The Cyber Secession

The book that was going to be “The Silver Liner: Final Flight”, was my 2019 NaNoWriMo project. By the time I finished writing it, that book ended up becoming another draft of a Silver Liner related book, “The Cyber Secession” (working title), which takes place immediately following the events of “The Silver Liner: The Voyage Home”. Originally, this story was going to be told inside the Final Flight novel, but I found that it works better as a stand-alone story.

The story is very nearly in its final form and sets the stage for the world I presented in “Better the Millstone”, which takes place roughly a hundred and fifty years after the Silver Liner series.

I’m projecting a Spring 2022 release for this book, but I would love to see it happen some time next year. Of course, as Paul Masson would sell no wine before its time, nor will Daniel Sullivan publish a book before its time.


The fate of Selene, Kendrick, and Fiona

My unfinished NaNoWriMo project for 2020 is a proper conclusion to the Silver Liner series, and work on that has continued. I am aiming for a late summer/fall release of this book, but trust me, I have a lot in store for Kendrick and his silver liner, as well as for the rest of his crew.


Better the Millstone audio-book

I am working on my first home studio project, an audio reading of my latest novel, Better the Millstone. This will be available only by contacting me directly. It is nowhere near complete, and the setting up of my home recording studio has been interrupted repeatedly, so only the prologue has been recorded. This will be a recording of the author reading the book, so it won’t have the kind of polish that a traditional e-book will have—but it will be the author reading the book.


Gypsy Rose Rides Again!

I have fully outlined the plot of a sequel to “Better the Millstone” and am about a quarter of the way through writing the first draft. Millstone was originally meant to be a single, stand alone novel, but the story came to me and the author notes began to be typed. Before long, I had the outline and was working on the first draft. No release date or projection as of yet but stay tuned!


The Goddess’ Eyes

My 2018 NaNoWriMo high fantasy project has not gotten as much post NaNo attention as my other works, but I have been opening it up and working on it here and there. After Lynda and I watched “The Witcher”, I was inspired to dive back into this one in earnest. Now, the third draft is in progress!


Let down your tangled hair!

I wrote a very brief draft many years ago that was lost and recently recovered when a thumb drive that had disappeared reappeared during the move. It involves a dashing knight, a fair princess, a tower, and a dragon!


Random and Sundry projects

I have concepts for two science fiction novels, both of which would be in the YA category, and a few fiction ideas that are just ideas with one or two sentences’ worth of notes so I don’t forget.


And there you have it!

Remember, if you have read my books, please go on Amazon and review them! You can find my author page here:


Also, visit my website: www.danielsullivanbooks.com

In a few short days, not only will 2020 end, but the twenty-teens decade will end. As we enter the twenties for the third time in U.S. history, I am hopeful. The Teens were a pretty crazy decade, but we got through it without a world war this time around, so I’ll count that as a win. Join me here next month, and we’ll do it all again!

Happy holidays to all, and the very best in the coming year!


Daniel Sullivan


The Responsibility to Raise My Voice and to Wield My Pen

Posted by danielsullivan67@aol.com on June 10, 2020 at 2:20 PM Comments comments ()

I normally stay away from current events and politics on this page, and tend not to post all that frequently at all, but this week is different. Yesterday, I posted some memes on my social media accounts that are decidedly political.


Today, I write my own words.


For over a week now, we have seen massive protests in the streets demanding change and demanding justice for a man murdered by a police officer. These demonstrations have forcefully challenged white supremacy and challenged America to do the hard work of dismantling a system that oppresses minorities.


I fully support these demonstrators. I fully support Black Lives Matters.


This should come as no surprise. I am a science fiction writer over the age of fifty. I grew up watching science fiction promote the cause of equality and of dismantling racism, bigotry, and prejudice for my entire life. Star Trek taught us about multiculturalism and diversity. Star Wars taught us to transcend racial barriers and stand up to fascism.


Virtually every science fiction book, movie, or television program that I have read or watched, wherein an enlightened society is presented, racism, bigotry, and oppression have no place.


It should be no surprise that I stand on the side of the demonstrators.


For those who are upset by large, disruptive protests, and who bemoan the lack of a quiet, dignified statement, I would like to point out that you got your wish just a few short years ago when a black quarterback did exactly that. He was soon joined by others, all of whom quietly took a knee during the Anthem.


Rather than listening and respecting their dignified protest, those voices that demand quiet, peaceful protests morphed into a torrent of rage, spewing hatred and demanding the players be fined, fired, or even locked up.


So now, we have mass demonstrations. Again. Perhaps if we had done the hard work as a nation decades ago, or even just a few years ago when a similar tragedy occurred, things might be different today ... but we did not.


I include myself in that "we," by the way, as I am as guilty of not doing that work in years past as anyone else. Perhaps even more so.


Some of you may choose to un-follow. Some of you may decide not to read my books. That is your right, and I respect that. If you walk away, I hope that my words stick with you, and that one day, you may come around.


As an author and as an artist, I have a responsibility to stand for something. My books are meant to be fun, enjoyable reads following the adventures of the Sci-fi and fantasy heroes I have created, and they can be read purely at that level. However, the characters and the worlds I have built are informed by more than just a desire to spin a yarn (or five as of this writing).


I have a responsibility to speak up and to make my views on these matters known. I have a responsibility not to remain silent.