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The Silver Liner: Takes Flight!


Paperback by Daniel Sullivan

Dashing Captain Ken Royce learned to trust his instincts and feelings long ago. As captain of Selene—the undisputed fastest space liner in the system—Royce does not have a care in the galaxy, until he takes on a crew of misfits that includes an Irish priest with a dark past, a fugitive doctor classified as an interplanetary terrorist, a young engineer without a future, and a mall cop seeking adventure.


After Royce and his renegade crew discover a dead android woman floating in space who looks exactly like Royce’s late wife when she was younger, they are soon pursued by government operatives, corporate agents, a shadowy bounty hunter, a powerful mob boss, and a sociopath captain in command of the most advanced stealth warship in space. As the clock ticks away, their followers close in. Unfortunately, Royce has used all his aces. With their lives in jeopardy, Royce must once again trust his instincts if they are all going to survive.


In this science fiction adventure, a space captain and his motley crew must risk everything to solve the mystery of a beautiful android and outrun their determined pursuers.

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