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The Silver Liner: No Safe Harbor


Paperback by Daniel Sullivan

Captain Royce has won the day, the loyalty of his crew, and the love of Doctor Kinsale. But all is not well!

After an explosive shootout on Venus, Captain Ken Royce and his ragtag crew are wanted by the Alliance and the United States. With two governments, a tech firm, a crime lord, and a bounty hunter on their trails, the S.S. Selene has nowhere to go. A free port on Mars is their only hope, but it soon becomes clear that the mystery of Lena is far from solved, and that Royce himself holds the key to the solar system—only he has no idea why!

With all of his aces played, and their enemies closing in, will Royce’s instincts and the Selene’s fantastic speed be enough to outrun their fate?

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