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The Silver Liner: Sails to the Edge!


Paperback by Daniel Sullivan

The Silver Liner had finally touched down on Ceres, her epic voyage the greatest leap in human history! Basking in this triumphal moment, the crew of the Selene was certain that their troubles were behind them, and that at last, they could get down to the business at hand: establishment of an outpost and exploration of the dwarf planet.

But the divisions sown while still in orbit were deep and threatened to deepen further in the aftermath of the hijacking. The crew was sharply divided over the no longer human Fiona, and the course of action chosen by Captain Giffords would push Kendrick and his bride to the breaking point. The unseen hand of NessCorp moved behind the scenes, heightening the tensions further. 

Could the Royces remain with Starfleet, or would the strain of the mission prove too much?

The challenges of Ceres still awaited them, challenges that would prove to be far deadlier than Kendrick, Fiona, and the crew of the Silver Liner could have ever imagined!

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