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Better the Millstone


Paperback by Daniel Sullivan

The year is Twenty-two-fifty. Humanity has fully colonized the inner solar system and has created a Utopian society inside the Asteroid Belt. Poverty and disease have been virtually eliminated and Android synthetic people are fully integrated into Human society. It is the soceity dreamed of by science fiction visionaries of the Twentieth Century.

A society without want.

Space trucking Captain Shane Tyrone never fit into this Utopia.

Fresh out of prison for aiding in the escape of a smuggler friend, Shane has nothing but his ship and the friendship of his android pilot, Bailey. All Shane wants is to return to the space lanes and get on with his life. A shipping job for a local merchant seems like just the thing he needs.

But the ex-con space trucker  and android pilot find themselves caught up in a web of mobsters, slavers, and deadly interplanetary politics, with a mysterious crate at the center of it all - right in the hold of Captain Tyrone's ship!

Shane and Bailey soon find their preconceived notions about individual freedom and the collective good being challenged as they work to solve the riddle of the mysterious cargo before their enemies can take it for themselves.

All seems lost and their enemies are closing in, but Shane Tyrone has a desperate plan - and if he's lucky, it just might work!

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