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The Lengths to Which We Go


After a life on the rough streets of Atlas Station's Lower D, Olivia can hardly

believe the turnaround she has experienced. Adopted by the space trucking Captain

Shane Tyrone, Olivia has become an Alliance citizen. Her every need is met, either

through her father's diligence or the entitlements she receives from the Alliance


government. The life of a girl in the Alliance is a life of ease.


But living the life of a space trucker's daughter aboard the Gypsy Rose is far more

exciting than the life of the average Alliance girl, as Olivia soon finds out.

Her adoptive father, Captain Tyrone has a new pilot, the lovely Lieutenant Harper.

Gypsy Rose has been fully refurbished. A new crew is hired, passengers taken on,

and a series of easy transport jobs are lined up. This voyage is shaping up to be a

milk run, if ever there was one. But Shane, Olivia, and Harper soon realize that

they should have known better. Someone aboard their ship is not what they seem,

and government agents are soon in hot pursuit of the old freighter.

Their milk run soon becomes more action than even the rough and tumble Shane


Tyrone may be able to handle!

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